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Mission Statement: Communications between friends and alumni of Permian High School is this site's only purpose!

E-mail Preferences Notice, especially AOL users, your e-mail preferences must be set to allow you to receive
e-mail from www.permian.net for your e-mail address to be posted. It does no good for you
to request your address posted on the web site if I can't even verify it is a working address. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CLASS YEAR. Failure to do so will result in me having to confirm your class and will take extra time for your submission to be completed.

E-mail Etiquette
or lack thereof...
For those who don't know, sending E-MAIL IN ALL CAPS IS considered RUDE. It's called
shouting. Actually it's also harder to read. Please remember to use email etiquette when writing
to each other and when sending in submissions. Also, due to a large volume of submission requests and
continually adding new classes to the site, there are times when my turn around time for your request may
be longer than expected. Please be patient. This is a one woman operation (Me). I am also updating the site on a class by class
basis, migrating the site to a new server, and removing duplicate information to allow for the addition
of future classes. The goal of this site is for all PHS alumni to stay connected.
Thank you, panther pals!

Donations to Site Maintenance This site is owned and operated privately. No support or assistance is received from ECISD towards it's maintenance. As such, many have asked if they can assist financially towards the monthly fees and long term update and growth costs of this site. If you wish to make a donation, I do have a PayPal account under the email address emmhuston@cox.net. For more information send e-mail to Elizabeth@permian.net.

Chat Room/Forum A "Chat Room/Web Forum" link is located above each class page.

Site/Web Search A "Site Search/Web Search" link is located above each class page.

Mailing Addresses There is only an ability to update email addresses per classmate. Specific contact information, such as street addresses,
phone numbers, and personal bios would require more space than was built into the site for each classmate.

Most of the deceased classmate information comes from the Odessa American online or other online newspapers. They
generally do not give cause of death information, but it will be included if available.
Please know that the information we collect is public information which we presume to be correct and we do attempt to confirm.
Please click on the link for what information we have. We disclaim responsility for information received from a public source, such as the Odessa American.

www.permian.net is solely owned and maintained by Elizabeth MacLean Huston, Class of 1979 in loving memory
of Mike King, Class of 1962 who established and tirelessly ran this site until his death. Mike will forever be remembered
and we will always be grateful for his work for, and dedication to, Permian High School and its Alumni.
No support is offered nor assistance furnished by Permian High School and/or the Ector County Independent School District.
In the interest of maintaining space for future classes, some changes to the class pages and format are being made.
Please be patient while this site is under construction! Thanks! Panther Blessings to all, Elizabeth MacLean Huston

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